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Showing Guidelines

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General Guidelines

  • Non-race horses must be at least three years of age to compete under-saddle and in-harness.
  • Horses may not compete in allsim. 
  • Horses must rest at least one day between shows.

Hosting Shows

  • The show must be approved and listed on the calendar before accepting entries.

  • All results are ran using our in-game randomizer. Please no test running shows as it saves results to a text file.

    • Class Names must follow the official format: Discipline: Class Name.

  • We recommend splitting classes at fourteen or more entries. The randomizer will make the splits for you!


  • Horses may start competing at an age-appropriate starting level, see the Discipline Guide for designated levels.
  • Horses must earn at least twenty Top Six Placings in their current level or a designated equivalent class. and meet the levels age requirement to advance.
    • Placings are tracked via the main registry.

Changing Disciplines

Typically a horse must start over when it changes disciplines. The exceptions are those who are usually cross-trained: eventing (dressage, jumping) and combined driving (dressage), they may begin at their equivalent level if they switch to a cross-trained discipline.


Honor System

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
40 30 20 16 12 10 8 6 4 2


Title Prefix Points
Bronze BN 500
Double Bronze DBN 800
Silver SV 1,500
Double Silver DSV 2,000
Gold GD 2,500
Double Gold DGD 3,000
Platinum PN 3,500
Double Platinum DPN 4,000+


Sire & Dam Titles

The parents of game-bred horses earn titles based on their offsprings combined point total. Sires require a higher total due to the fact that they can have more offspring.



Sire Dam
Amethyst AM 5,000 2,500
Double Amethyst DAM 8,000 4,000
Sapphire SP 15,000 7,500
Double Sapphire DSP 20,000 10,000
Opal OP 25,000 12,500
Double Opal DOP 30,000 15,000
Diamond DM 35,000 20,000
Double Diamond DDM 40,000+ 25,000+


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